DJ Player EM moves up to version 2, which really is a major update to the app with a set of new user interface layouts.

What’s new in a nutshell:

  • Four main layout options for landscape orientation and one for portrait orientation.
  • “Two Hands” horizontal and vertical layouts for convenient touch use.
  • “Default” horizontal and vertical layouts for other use-cases (such as controllers).
  • Cue points/loops can be displayed together with the Fx controls, without SHIFT.
  • Smaller Fx control pane, option to open the larger Fx view.
  • All mixer controls visible without SHIFT.
  • Artwork displayed over the players with turntablist 4-beats phase indicator.
  • Tap on the artwork to display the track browser over the player.
  • Long tap on the artwork to eject a player.
  • ABCD or CABD layouts and output options for 4 deck configurations.
  • Album info is displayed for each track.
  • Improved text layout in the track browser (automatic large and compact layout).
  • In edit mode, a track will be greyed out if already exists in the other list.
  • Shortening a loop will wait for the perfect moment in beat sync mode if the current playback position is beyond the new loop size.
  • Support for iOS Split View (Multitasking) and Drag-And-Drop.

DJ Player EM 2.0 costs $9.99 on the app store