Elastic Drums has been around for a while now, almost three years, and in that time it’s gone from strength to strength. In my view it is one of the most rounded electronic drum apps on the app store, and a personal favourite. It has an excellent range of percussion synth engines on board that will almost certainly cover all of your needs, and the automation functionality is superb. More recently the app has added a sampler to its synth engine collection.

In the latest version of Elastic Drums there’s a new In-App Purchase sample kit by Bill Jobs, the creator of synthQ (an interesting app in itself). The master EQ has more possibilities now and has been improved, parts of the audio-engine got vectorized, which should save up to 10% cpu, and of course there are several small bugfixes and improvements as you’d expect in any update.

What’s more, Elastic Drums is currently on sale at just $4.99, half its normal price. So it’s a total bargain right now.