FAC Chorus only launched at the end of last month and already here we have version 1.1 which makes the UI nicer apparently and makes the widgets bigger too. That was a minor complaint of mine, so, nice to have it fixed. Thanks for that Fred.

While he was there he also made some fixes like increasing the display size and more. All in all a good update for this app. I’ve only recently given it a quick try out and first impressions were very good indeed. It works well in AudioBus and I think that the latest version will improve it even more and deliver a more satisfying experience.

Of course the most important thing with an app like FAC Chorus is how it sounds. I’ve tried a lot of chorus effect apps and I have to say that this is probably one of the best so far. It does have a rich and yet subtle sound. It complements my sound anyway, so it’ll be staying in my portfolio of iOS apps for sure.

FAC Chorus is on the app store for just $2.99: