If you don’t know FAC Chorus, it’s a quite versatile chorus effect emulation designed to simulate the characteristics of classic chorus modules with the flexibility of customising the parameters of the main components involved in the signal path, all wrapped up in a handy iOS app.

FAC Chorus works by the effect being built upon two individual delay line paths controlled by common parameters. The behaviour of each delay signal path is defined by the chorus type parameter. Thick type means warm characters and emulates the behaviour of the BBD. Clean type, as the name says, provides a cleaner sound with a larger modulation.

FAC Chorus is suitable for any situation requiring chorus effects and can go from subtle to drastic changes, the factory presets provide an overview of the sonic panel you can obtain.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.3:

  • Addition of a new BBD character (THICK is now noise free)
  • Support of the view configuration management
  • Input source button has been moved to the left bottom corner (main app only)
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

FAC Chorus costs $3.99 on the app store now