FL Studio Mobile 3.1.90 is the 8th update that Image Line have delivered for this app in 2018 alone. That’s pretty impressive and a massive commitment to keeping the app right up to date. Here’s all that’s new in version 3.1.90:

  • Clips can be moved and or copied between tracks
  • Automation tracks can be reassigned to defined destination & have quick-access parameter slider in the mixer.
  • Export dialog now has “save”, and “send to another destination” controls, no need to pre-select destination.
  • FX Distortion has more distortion modes and stereo and bias controls.
  • FX Equalizer: Every band has a stereo control.
  • FX Filter: Updated UI
  • FX MultiFX: has new UI with quick access to an effect kind and XY area increased size.
  • Parameters slider in the mixer were visible when “hide tracks” enabled.
  • Samples: Can be reversed for audio tracks and drum samples.
  • Menus: Improved design.
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements.

So, whilst it isn’t a release packed with new features, it’s the kind of release that keeps things fresh and maintains user expectations in terms of usability. It’s something that we should expect, and so I’m glad to see Image Line doing it.

FL Studio Mobile is on the app store priced at $13.99