fluXpad is a long time favourite. It’s an app with a very different way of letting you interact with sound. It’s a sample sequencer that fully functions by simply drawing the sounds. It is in fact a very simple app to use. You record your own sounds, to create different patterns and to jam with them. Right there on the device, and now, on your iPhone too.

For me this is a big thing. It follows a long line of apps that have started on the iPad and then gone universal. Of course there’s the simple argument that being universal opens up a much bigger audience. That is of course true. But more importantly it means that I can use fluXpad wherever the sounds are, as I’m far more likely to be able to capture something immediately with my iPhone rather than my iPad.

If you don’t know fluXpad then here’s a quick description:

fluXpad is a sample based groovebox/workstation with a highly original sequencer, where you “draw“ your music, which leads to completely different results compared to a traditional sequencer. The y-axis of your canvas controls the pitch, while the x-axis controls the sustain of your notes. Sounds familiar, but drawing on a canvas without any grid is a totally new experience. Of course it is possible to quantize your notes and you can limit your note range to major or minor scales.

What’s more, fluXpad is also on sale right now. It was $7.99, and now it’s on sale and down to $4.99, which is a bargain if you ask me.