Granular seems popular today and Luis Felipe Vieira Damiani has brought a new app called Nimbus AU. This app apparently creates clouds of sounds for both iOS on a standalone and AUv3 basis. The app has automated parameters and ADSR envelope control. Apparently it utilises pure waveforms and real instrument samples, which is in itself quite intriguing, and I’m especially interested to hear just how it sounds. If I get a chance to give it a try then I’ll let you know.

It’s also work pointing out that Luis’ other apps and work are all well worth taking a look at. Not only has he made a series of apps including Ringabell AU, Plectrum, and also RunloopSound (and iOS implementation of Csound), but he’s even created a whole language for manipulating sound objects called Scandal. Impressive no? On top of that he’s an artist as well. Some people’s talent knows no end!

For now check out Nimbus AU on iOS:

Nimbus AU is also available for macOS too: