It’s only fair to say that Android apps that are good for making music are in short supply. For a start there’s only a relatively small number of usable music making apps on Android, so finding something really worth sticking with isn’t easy. G-Stomper Studio has had a long and very impressive history since it first started out. It’s been consistently updated and now in version 5.6 it brings new features that really do set it ahead of lots of other apps on this platform.

So here’s what’s new in version 5.6:

  • New Android Oreo Adaptive App Icons (which sounds good although I’ve no real idea what that means)
  • Virtual MIDI devices (provided by other apps) are now working correctly (so this has been introduced already, but it says a lot about how mature this app has become)
  • Updated the Ableton Link backend with the latest changes from Ableton
  • BPM controls in Play Menu now react correctly to minor tempo changes (+/- 0.1 bpm) coming from Ableton Link
    Several minor bugfixes
  • Optimized letterbox navigator for ultra wide screen formats (e.g. Galaxy S8)

It’s updates like this that make me want to take another look at Android as a music platform. I’ve had various attempts at this over the years, with largely disappointing results, but perhaps it is time for another try, especially as I’m really not sure about any iPhone from the 7 up.

G-Stomper Studio is available on the Google Play Store and costs £12.49