I’ve been playing with the all new Gestrument Pro for a few days now, and, as it’s due to arrive tomorrow I thought I’d give you a few initial thoughts about the app that I’ve been waiting for now for quite some considerable time. To start off I’ll just say, it’s been worth the wait.

Before I go into any more detail about Gestrument Pro I think it’s worth saying a few words about the original Gestrument. This was (and in fact it still is) a ground breaking app. But it’s an app with many layers and levels. You can use it almost immediately to make something awesome, and then you can spend hours to delve down into the depths of the app and do some truly amazing things. Personally, I’ve done both (ok, maybe only amazing to me) but it is possible to create presets in Gestrument that you can use to make exactly the sound you want.

Remember this …

To be honest in many ways I can’t quite believe that it is almost 5 years since the original Gestrument launched, and that’s mainly because the app is still so fresh. It is one of a very few apps that are useful for both complete beginners and those that have been working with electronic music for years. I hope that it continues to be maintained.

So, what of the Pro? Well, that’s a pretty amazing app. My initial impression was something along the lines of “Wow, this is amazing”. I think that in the main this was because Gestrument Pro has so many of the elements of the original app, and yet they are expanded and augmented so that your initial impression is that this really is a “Pro” version of the original app.

The new capabilities that Pro brings with it build on great foundations.

Some of the features that the new version brings are that you can now have up to 16 individual instruments against the original 8, and now each instrument can be controlled by any of up to 8 cursors. As before the instruments can use internal high quality sounds or play other synthesizers or apps via MIDI. There are modular swappable generators for producing the rhythms and pitches per instrument, each with their own set of tweakable parameters and settings.

But really is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s loads more, I mean seriously loads more. But you can find out all of that for yourself, and, if you’re quick, you can still get Gestrument Pro at the pre-order price of $8.99. Tomorrow, it’ll go up, but it will be available.

You’re not going to regret it.

Gestrument Pro on the app store

And, if you’ve got this far and are still not entirely sure what I’m talking about, check these out.