IceGear Instruments have brought us a range of excellent synths over the years, from their very first app Argon, right through to their latest series of iOS synths. Their latest creation is intriguing to say the least. Kronecker is described as a synthesizer that’s like a clockwork toy with a mechanism that is able to rhythmically trigger sounds like a rhythm machine each time you press a key on the keyboard.

In addition to synchronizing the trigger speed to the tempo, you can gradually increase the speed or slow it down after pressing the key. This makes it possible to produce synthesizer sounds similar to the sounds bounced by the bouncing ball. Which I’m sure is something we all have wanted to do at some point right?

The app has four emitters, which means that Kronecker emits particles of sound made from both FM tones and noise. At the emitter you can specify at what time the sound particles will be triggered. It is also possible to add changes such that the pitch of the particles gradually increases.

Particles of the sound emitted by the emitter can be processed with two resonators, and you can reproduce the sound of particles jumping over strings and pipes.

Kronecker works not only on the iPad but also on the iPhone. It also supports Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3), so you can plug in to AUv3 compatible host. For each screen size, different layouts are designed to be easy to use and intuitive. The app also supports Inter-App Audio, Audiobus and Ableton Link.

Kronecker costs $7.99 on the app store