The original version of NOISE MASCHINE arrived back in September last year and was an ad supported app. Now Noise Maschine Premium has arrived, which is another version of the digitally controlled noise synthesizer. Also, this version has no ads in it at all.

The app bills itself as giving you the ability to “create powerful noise music or aural relaxation sounds for health and sleep phase improvements”. It goes on to say that the app is “an easy to use noise machine dedicated to instantly generate continuous playing of feedback loops and drone sounds”.

In the premium version of the app the developer has added a new sequencer with TR-style buttons that can be used to store up to 16 of sounds permanently. The trigger pads also switch quickly between your patches. Once a step is selected it will remember all control values including volume. You can randomize a single step via a RNDC button – or randomize all steps with the same random sound by pressing RNDA. This allows you to create variations when played in sequence. For further experimentation try Evolver running together with sequencer at slow BPM. To enable the sequencer panel press the dedicated button (SEQ) in Menu. You can seamlessly switch back to touch control pad – just as you prefer.

NOISE MASCHINE PREMIUM is on the app store and costs $1.99