Akai Professional and Retronyms brought us iMPC Pro 2 back in December 2017, and have brought consistent updates since. This is now the fourth and brings a load of fixes / minor features. But the biggest by far is the export of stems! That will make a lot people happy, and it’s a great addition to iMPC Pro 2.

But in addition they’ve also thrown these into the release:

* Right-bias fixed in resample recordings
* Solo automation gets stuck in on position
* Tempo Sync now supported in Audio Units
* Syntronik Audio Unit now works with iMPC Pro 2
* Fixed gaps in audio track mixdown on certain device/OS combinations
* Fixed bug where slice markers were off when editing sounds > 44khz
* MIDI input no longer triggers last-selected AU track when on a drum track
* Fixed Undo when recording MIDI
* Fixed bugs when multiple audio segments were highlighted
* IAA effect send now work on audio tracks
* Occasional buzzes and other audio glitches when IAA removed
* Crash when trying to open an empty user program
* BPM changes when writing out stems and mixdowns
* Audio Unit quantization fixed
* Audio Unit notes may now be erased with the Erase button in Perform
* Audio Units now always play correct sequence on restored projects
* MIDI-learned drumpads no longer triggered in AU mode
* Tracks view now shows notes as they are recorded
* Outputs to virtual MIDI devices can now be disabled in the MIDI menu

Lots of good stuff in this release. So if you haven’t taken a look at iMPC Pro 2 so far, maybe now is a good time.

iMPC Pro 2 on the app store: