Intermorphic update their generative flagship app Wotja 2017 for Mac and iOS with new ambient templates, updated synths, and a bunch of behind-the-scenes improvements.

I’ve been a long time fan of the work of Intermorphic, from the days when they brought miniMIXA to Windows Mobile, all the way up to now with what they’ve been doing with Wotja. No one else quite does generative in quite the same way. So it’s good to see everything that’s in Wotja 4.9.


  • 10 gorgeous new “Ambience” templates in new default Pak called “WJ4 BP2 Backings”
  • Updated “IM Synths” SF2 Wavetable with 10 new sounds in bank 3 (1.3 – 10.3)
  • When Randomising mixes (Settings > Random) Noatikl files exported from Wotja can now be selected as TTM templates (Files > Pak > Saved Files) if they are prefaced with “TTM”, e.g. ttm_my_file.noatikl
  • Audio Latency Rate can now be adjusted via a slider (Settings > Mix)


  • Refreshed the “WJ4 TTM Players” default Pak with much improved sound patches; this is now used as a default when new random mixes are created
  • Fixed the MIDI In bug and Listening Voices should work again (sorry!)
  • If when randomising a cell’s contents the template added is a TTM template, the TTM text used by that template is now randomised, too (Settings > Random)
  • A couple of small tweaks to the existing Backings Pak now called “WJ4 BP1 Backings”, still a default Pak
  • The old “WJ4 TTM Players” pak is still included so that content based on it still works fine, but it is now called “WJ4 TTM Players 4.0-8” and is only shown in the Templates list if “Show Older?” toggle is on
  • “Wotja Pro 2017” is now called “Wotja 2017”; there are no changes to features (i.e. Music Play Time remains up to 8hr 53m) and it is still a paid for app with no In-App Store and no In-App Subscription, but we are changing the name now to better fit with what the non-subscription version will be in 2018 – namely a paid for version of Wotja (Unlocked).

If you don’t know Wotja, then check out the free version and find out what generative looks like.

Wotja on the app store: