Back in the old day I’d say that “Knob Lab was on the bus”! It still seems to fit though. It’s good to know that Knob Lab is finally on the bus now and that the integration has been done in an impressive way. Here’s the detail from Uri, the developer of Knob Lab.

1. Audiobus 3 support with multipeer connectivity! You can now send MIDI messages to other iOS apps through Audiobus.
2. Redesigned menu interface – New UI for layout selection, and connection screens.
3. Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

If you don’t already know Knob Lab then I should probably tell you a few things about the app. It’ll connect via USB to Mac clients, has virtual MIDI for control of other iOS apps. It’ll Connect to a PC or Mac using WiFi, and use bluetooth 4.0 to connect to bluetooth enabled Macs (Bluetooth requires Sonic Logic Central to be running on your mac – download from

One other thing to mention is MIDI layering which gives you the ability to control multiple MIDI destinations from a single knob. Perform complex controls with a single knob rotation.

So it’s an app with some impressive capabilities, and the latest update takes it even further.

Knob Lab is free on the app store, but with IAPs