Launchpad has been one of the biggest success stories of iOS and mobile music. It has consistently brought more and more people into making music on their iOS device, and it has done it simply and elegantly. Personally I think it’s a great example of an app that gets people making music quickly and easily without them having to learn about complex ideas around theory. It follows a straightforward equation that I’ve been using for a few years now, ‘immediacy + accessibility = joy’. It’s a good fit, and what’s more, it continues to be a good fit.

With its latest iteration Launchpad for iOS undergoes a huge design update. The app has already had nearly 8 million downloads, and this new update makes it’s easier than ever for both seasoned music makers and anyone new to creating sound to make and remix music.

The new design overhaul from the Ampify Team (the Innovation team formed from Focusrite/Novation) aims to further simplify the experience for new users, while also allowing the interface to be extendable for advanced users in future updates. The Launchpad iPhone version has been completely redesigned to make playing remix sections easier. You can now always see which tracks are playing, even while using the updated DJ-style FX. The visual grouping of pads has also been enhanced to show which sounds are linked.

The 8 free soundpacks that come with the app now includes three new genres: Midnight House, Future Trap and Retro Funk, allowing new users to get into the groove more quickly than ever before in styles that will hopefully directly appeal to them.

On iPad, Launchpad Pro features are now even easier to buy, due to the new Pro Features Collection. This In App Purchase includes all 8 existing features on iPad: Audio Import, Autofilter FX, Delay FX, Stutter FX, Stopper FX, Gator FX, Flanger FX and MIDI sync.

New Features

  • All-new design — Slick new interface. Crisp and responsive on all new iPhones and iPads.
  • 3 new free soundpacks — Midnight House, Future Trap and Retro Funk
  • Go pro — All the pro features in the Pro Features Collection*
  • New iPhone layout — Swipe sound groups while using FX
  • Redesigned FX — All-new graphical design and fee
  • Enhanced accessibility – Improved voice over support

Launchpad is free to download on the app store, with the Pro Features Collection available at £15, $15, €17