MultitrackStudio for iPad is a pretty solid DAW for iOS, but it’s been a long time since it had its last update. In fact it was back in July last year. So this is good to see. Version 2.7 seems to be a fairly big update although there doesn’t seem to be any really extensive or far reaching new functionality in there, and that’s really what I’d have liked to have seen after this long without an update.

Having said that it’s good to know that MultitrackStudio for iPad isn’t abandoned, which is always a danger when an app goes this long without an update. So the best I can hope for now is that this isn’t the end of the road for MultitrackStudio for iPad and it’ll keep on getting updates and in due course some new functionality too.

For now, here are the full details of the update:

• Redesigned editor user interface: The mode buttons have been removed. A selector now appears on touching an editor, and you can pick an action by moving your finger in that direction.
Editors can now be scrolled at any time without having to worry about the mode buttons.
MIDI and automation editors now always use ‘handles’ to move notes/dots.
• Editors are a bit wider.
• Score editors now have a ‘duration’ handle. The pitch handle now changes pitch in semitone steps.
• Various editor improvements (both visible and invisible).
• Improved AU compatibility.
• Fixed: Convolutor / Guitar Amp: very short IR files didn’t work right.
• The former “iPad Pro Pack” IAP for 12.9 inch iPads is now called “Track Pack”, available on all 64 bits iPads. It adds 32 tracks.
• The Pro Extension IAP now includes the Multi MIDI Editor.
• The Pro Extension IAP now includes two extra effect returns on 12.9 inch iPads.

You can find MultitrackStudio for iPad on the app store, priced at $29.99: