There aren’t a huge number of DAWs in the iOS world, but those that are have been established for a while, like Auria that started off in 2012, Cubasis from late 2012, and Multitrack DAW which started in 2009. So by comparison MultitrackStudio for iPad has been only ben around since early 2014, so it’s sort of a new kid on the block. Even so it has a fairly comprehensive feature set for an iOS DAW, and in the latest version it’s brought right up to date with support for iOS11 together with additional features and fixes.

Here’s the full list of what’s new:

• iOS 11: Can drop files on import dialogs, track editors, Convolutor pane, SoundFont Player pane and Matrix Sampler cells.
• Adding notes in pianoroll/score editors: you can now adjust the pitch of the new note by moving your finger vertically. Also applies to adding dots in midi controller editors, automation editors and Automated Fader effect.
• New “Follow” button. Editors don’t follow transport position if this button is off. You can use this if you want to apply some edits while the transport is running so you don’t have to worry about the editor moving to the next page unexpectedly.
• Pianoroll: ‘Split at transport position’ now also works when multiple notes are selected.
• Pianoroll/Score editors: ‘Split in equal parts’ now has ‘Other…’ option which lets you type any value.
• Pianoroll/Score editors: Repeat now also works if just a single note is selected.
• Drum editor: instrument selector now pops up after longtapping a name box. This is more consistent with the rest of the user interface than double tapping.
• Some (minor) MIDI editor improvements.
• Now uses AudioBus 3 SDK (no new features).
• Improved compatibility with Bram Bos AU plugins.
• Fixed: some AU plugins caused and ‘Invalid floating point operation’ error on tapping “Export Mix…”.
• Fixed: Pitch controller editor’s ‘R’ button (pitch bend range) wasn’t always visible.
• Fixed: removing click track could cause error in some cases.

MultitrackStudio for iPad isn’t the most expensive nor the cheapest of the pack either. It’s price has remained stable at $29.99 for some time, although there’s an additional IAP (in app purchase) for the ‘Pro’ upgrade at $19.99.

You can find MultitrackStudio for iPad on the app store by clicking below