Numerical Audio / Kai Aras brings us yet another highly capable audio unit for giving your iOS sound a distinctive and unique sound. Some of Numerical’s other audio units are pretty special. Some of my favourites include RF-1 and RP-1, Volt (an excellent synth) and Theremidi.

Now we get RE-1, a full featured virtual Tape Machine capable of delivering authentic tape based echo and chorus effects. It doesn’t stop there.RE-1 is an interactive tape player, sample, loop and overdub features it’s possible to use it like a virtual tape recorder, sample player, looper or simply as a master effect.


  • Virtual Tape deck including 3 individually controllable read heads, variable delay time and feedback
  • Interactive user interface and realtime visualisation of various parameters related to the tape simulation
  • Dedicated controls for Wow, Flutter, Color, Tape Hiss & saturation amount
  • Tape Loop mode with overdub, tape reverse and time-stretching
  • Sample/Loop library loads wave files onto the virtual tape loop
  • Transport and Tempo Sync
  • Stereo Spread & Stereo Panner
  • Input processing: Highpass filter
  • Output processing: 2 band eq

Tape Echo:

  • Authentic tape echo emulation
  • Multi-tap delay with 3 individually controllable read heads
  • Color Control adjusts the echo’s tone from dark to bright
  • Delay Time: 5ms – 1000ms (or 1/32th to 1/1)
  • Wow & Flutter
  • Tape Hiss and Saturation
  • Stereo spread
  • Stereo panner

Looper / Sample Player:

  • Uses the tape like a traditional looper with unlimited overdubs
  • Configurable Loop length with 1 – 8 bars and tempo sync and tape reverse
  • Tape transport can be linked to the host’s transport controls
  • Time stretching keeps loops in sync
  • Samples/loops can be loaded onto the tape directly
  • Samples can be created from the tape loop and stored in the sample library at any time
  • Factory content includes a variety of loops grouped by style
  • Samples/loops can be imported from and exported to other apps


  • Standalone
  • AUv3
  • InterApp-Audio
  • Audiobus
  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI (Tempo, CC, Program Change)

RE-1 requires iOS 11+

RE-1 costs $4.99 on the app store now