Play is one of the most important elements of making music. At least that’s my view, and I know I’m not alone in that. I’m involved with a charity in the UK called Heart n Soul on a project called SoundLab. There we work with artists who have learning disabilities and introduce new technologies, apps and hardware to them that might help them in their work. It’s a two way thing though. App developers like Pelican 7 come along to our workshops and show what they’re doing. They get feedback from our artists and an insight into how to make their products more accessible, not just for anyone with a disability, but more accessible to everyone and as a result, better as a whole.

With that as a preamble, here’s Lily, a ‘playful music creation app’ from Pelican 7. Lily offers simple and straightforward music creation for anyone who wants to use it. It’s joyful and fun to use, and often that’s all that’s needed. Lily is a good way for someone to start to make music who’s never done so before, and is a lot of fun to play with.

In its latest version Lily has added some very new cool stuff …

New Lilies!

You can expand your creativity with three brand new lily collections, available to purchase in Lily 2.0 as in app purchases. Each collection features three handcrafted lilies, each offering their own unique sound and visual style. Here’s what they are:

  • Winter Wonderland – Compose your winter soundtrack with this icy collection of winter-themed lilies.
  • Tropical Tango – Add a tropical flavor to your compositions with this lively collection.
  • Zen Garden – Find inner peace in the Zen Garden with this calming, Zen-inspired collection.

New Features

  • A new, redesigned lily creation screen – You can now see the lily as you choose, as well as preview its sound by tapping the speaker icon.
  • Faster performance – Thanks to some audio-wizardry, you can now have all lilies playing on the fastest tempo simultaneously.
  • Override the device‚Äôs silent switch – By popular demand, Lily will now continue to sing even when your device is on silent mode.
  • Sequencing – You can now tap the lily at the top of the sequencing screen to start & stop playback.

Lily is on the app store and costs $1.99 (plus new IAPs):

What’s more, if you like Lily then you might also like to check out Songbirds, another of Pelican 7’s apps.

Finally, here are some videos of the new Lilies: