Pioneer continue to expand their Rekordbox software ecosystem, now with an audio interface that lets you add digital vinyl control to any mixer.

Now, “Rekordbox” to most DJs still mainly means “that software I use to prepare my USB key.” But Pioneer it seems won’t be satisfied until they achieve world domination, so they also want you to use Rekordbox as a computer DJ tool. The new Interface 2 is an audio interface that adds DVS (digital vinyl system) control to any mixer, rather than requiring you to use a Pioneer mixer – so it’s a boon if you visit a club.

Coming this month, €299, with all the software you need in the box. Specs:

Club-standard sound quality
Compact, robust aluminium chassis
LEDs to indicate signal flow and problems with signal/connection
Includes rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs licences, plus two timecoded control vinyl records
Mains or USB power options
Works as a stand-alone audio interface
Large signal GND terminal
Supports DVS via control vinyl and turntables or multi players and custom 1WAV file (free download)