Fender don’t just want to sell you a guitar. They want to learn to play it, too, with an online subscription series for Web and iOS.

Fender Play is an online service that teaches you to play by breaking up songs into lessons – either teaching you the whole song, or a riff from that song. Rock, blues, pop, folk, and country are covered by genre – from the Rolling Stones to Howlin’ Wolf to Meghan Trainor. (“Don’t Fear the Reaper” is covered, too, so look for Fender Play: Cowbell soon?)

You can use your computer, or an on-the-go app for iOS.

Fender promises high-quality videos and instructors. There’s a 30-day free trial; after that, the subscription costs US$19.99 a month. (To wit, maybe if music lovers won’t pay more than ten bucks for music listening, they’ll pay more for music learning – bringing musicians back to their original day job, teaching.)

More: https://www.fender.com/play

Via The Verge, who offer some analysis of the bigger picture:
Fender’s new guitar-learning platform can teach beginners to play a song in minutes