It isn’t often that you see a new OSC controller arrive in the iOS world these days. Way back in the early days of iOS (before it was even called iOS) there were quite a few. Mainly because there was no MIDI built into the core of the operating system. When Apple fixed that by bringing in the CoreAudio framework it made might a lot easier. Since then I’ve only seen relatively specialised OSC apps, or apps that have a certain amount of OSC functionality available.

So, seeing PRIZM BAR arrive is an interesting development. PRIZM BAR is a OSC controller. You can use it to control your musical apps(e.g. SuperCollider, MAX/MPS etc) by playing PRIZM BAR via wi-fi or Ad-Hoc network. PRIZM BAR performs like MIDI keyboards, but more than that, It enables you to play consecutive pitch of notes between musical interval, and its volume altogether. And, as PRIZM BAR’s keyboard itself is scalable, It helps you to play music flexibly.


  • 4 note polyphony
  • pitch range:10.3Hz〜19345.3Hz
  • PRIZM BAR will send following parameters as OSC
    • note on/off
    • freqency
    • volume

PRIZM BAR is a free app on the app store and is universal