We seem to be getting more and more unusual and interesting audio units these days. Which, in my view, can only be a good thing. It reminds me that these days you can do almost everything that you might want to do on a desktop, but now on mobile. A new audio unit I’ve just noticed is Physicles. The app is a container of physics-based MIDI Audio Unit plugins. These AU MIDI plugins generate MIDI messages through the use of an underlying physics engine, which models the physical interactions between various entities.

In some ways it shares some similarities with Bram Bos Rozeta Sequencer Suite.

In the current version, only the following plugin is included:

  • Physicle Bouncy: In this playground, multiple balls bounce inside a polygon. MIDI messages are generated whenever a ball collides with the side of the polygon.

I’m guessing that the developer is planning on adding additional units / functionality over time. The app’s description sort of suggests that.

Physicles is currently free on the app store

Please Note:

  • The plugin requires a compatible AU Host to work. You could use AUM, AudioBus 3, apeMatrix, Beatmaker, Cubasis 2, or Sequencism
  • The plugin does not generate any sound at all, and only creates and sends MIDI messages