Quantiloop Pro – Live Looper version 2.90 brings us a huge range of new updates and features that in a wide variety of areas that will make existing users very happy, and certainly temp new ones too.

Here’s everything that’s new:

User Interface:

  • Dark mode, for better readability on stage
  • Track Labeling
  • DSP display, click to get more info
  • Show status bar with battery display
  • Simplified/Rearranged some settings to more logical places (track, phrase, rhythm)
  • External Sync display
  • WaveForm display
  • Improvements to all stepper controls (E.g. BPM). Holding the control in the center brings up a dialog for direct text entry.
  • iPhone Xs support


  • Song Parts – Assign a track to any song part to allow for any serial/parallel looping setup. (E.g. Track 1 percussion, Track 2-3 part A, track 4 part B etc)
  • New Rec quantize option, allows starting recordings in the middle while keeping start sync
  • Quantized Undo/Redo
  • Blank Track creation: If the length of a track is known, then holding the track button for an empty track will pre create an empty loop, that then can be used to start dubbing in the middle for instance.
  • New AUTO size setting, creates tracks of equal lengths.

IAA/Audio Unit/Effects

  • Split effects seperate categories: Bultin, AU, IAA
  • Most recently used effects selection
  • Easier switching between effects
  • IAA Transport improvements from clients hosted in QL
  • New ‘Mute Audio’ track effect


  • Allow multi select loop import for rhythm loops
  • Improved rhythm save dialog
  • Import loops between begloop and endloop markers if they exist

Audio Engine

  • Re-enable Bluetooth output.
  • Multiroute audio setting
  • Added measurement mode option
  • Added 64 frames buffer size (1.5ms) option. (Warning CPU usage)
  • Post Fader option for discrete outputs

Advanced Settings

  • Added an advanced settings menu under system settings for detailed control of hold actions

MIDI Control

  • Added MIDI next/prev bank command (default hold action for next/prev preset

Latency Compensation.

  • Much improved automatic round trip latency compensation
  • Manual latency compensation on all loaded IAA apps, inputs and outputs. (Hold the icon in the connections panel to bring up the latency comp dialog)

And many other bug fixes and improvements.

Quantiloop Pro – Live Looper