Reactable first brought us their Snap drum machine back in November of last year. It was a good day when it arrived. Not only is it universal, and free (yes with IAPs), but it’s also available for Android too. But they haven’t been content with just delivering a cool drum machine for mobile devices. Not in any way. They’ve made it a very intriguing proposition. The latest version of the app adds a whole new dimension to using it. Say hello to …


With motion control, you can now use your iPhone to trigger the snapshots of your session. The app now has four distinct gestures. According to Reactable, these are identified using the latest in machine learning technology, which then enable you to jump seamlessly between snapshots with your movements. To find out more you need to check out the in-app tutorial which is only available in the iPhone version of the app.

So, that in itself is a pretty cool feature, but there’s more too. You can also use the gestures on your iPhone, to control a remote instance of SNAP running on an iPad, so long as that is connected to the same wireless network. This can give you the potential for an interactive, multi-device musical performance.

And that’s not all, Reactable have added more new stuff to the app:

If that wasn’t enough they’ve added a MIDI note selector (in the settings page) so you can control which notes SNAP uses in its MIDI output. There are also some new factory sessions, and of course, the obligatory bug fixing.

I’m really looking forward to trying out the remote instance stuff with gestures. I think that this could be really fun to play around with. If it is I can see a lot of videos coming along using this.

For now, if you don’t have Snap, you should grab it. After all, it is free (yes, with IAPs).