Roland’s original SH-101 came in red and blue in addition to gray, so it’s not surprising the SH-01A Boutique Series will also come with color variants.

Roland actually didn’t announce those alternate colors in today’s “8/08” announcement, but they did post colors on their website. Having seen the gray model, the new paint finish has a nice texture to it. It appears the color variants will be some kind of limited edition, but no details on that yet, since only the gray model was formally announced.

I think the real question will be, who will make a keytar-style mod of this? (The fact that it’s way smaller than the actual SH-101 will only make that cooler, if you can figure out how to hold it – ukulele style?) Also, anyone want to do a custom paint job for the ultra-rare white 101?

What you need to know about the Roland Boutique 101, 808 remakes