Back in the early days of iOS there were many more controller apps. Lots of these have disappeared over the years with just a few remaining, and in the main those are general MIDI controllers rather than apps for specific DAWs. However, rsTouch Pro for Reason is one of the few exceptions.

rsTouch Pro for Reason arrived five years ago and has been consistently updated ever since. rsTouch Pro is iPad only and supports over 120 devices and rack extensions. In the latest update Harmony Systems have added new custom panel sets for 5 RE’s (AirRaid Audio Elements DS-LFO and Splitter 2; Blamsoft Zero Hybrid; Mathieu Demange RYM2612; Propellerhead A-List Acoustic Guitarist Fingerpicking Nylon)

In addition there’s now support for 4 VST plugins (AudioRealism abl2, abl3 and ReDominator; Rob Papen RP-Verb). They’ve also totally revised the external MIDI Instrument device panel for enhanced functionality. There are improvements and updates in this version to Propellerhead Combinator, Rob Papen Predator and Synapse Antidote RE device support screens. Device patches can now be changed by touching within the patch name area then dragging up or down.

No app update would be complete with the addition of a few memory handling improvements and bug fixes. And finally generic mapping support has been modified; existing generic device maps will need slight modification to work with this rsTouch version.

rsTouch Pro for Reason is on the app store and costs $19.99: