I’m all for finding new synths. So it’s always good to see new iOS synths appear on the store. According to its developer, Scythe is a powerful wavetable synthesizer with modulation and Inter-App-Audio Support. Which is a good start, and the images on the app store look enticing, that’s for sure. Apparently with Scythe you can import your own sounds using iTunes file sharing and AudioPaste as well and generate wavetables from these. Although loading sounds with low frequency content is preferable for the best wavetable generation results.

When I tried to check out the developer’s site there’s almost nothing there though, which is a shame. The app’s description is ok to go on, but ideally I’d like a video and some audio sources for more, but for now you’ll have to make do with the app’s description.

Here are all the features of the app:


  • Inter-App-Audio for connecting straight to Logic Pro X/Ableton or other apps
  • Modulation control of all oscillator parameters
  • Global tempo control for syncing LFOs to note duration
  • Easily record, playback and export audio
  • Library wavetables and presets
  • Max waves = 48 = 3 voices * 2 oscillators * 8 unison
  • Dark and Light modes


  • 2 Wavetable oscillators with full modulation control
  • Load audio files from iTunes file sharing
  • Load audio from other apps using audio paste
  • Load library wavetables
  • Save wavetables
  • Unison up to 8 waves


  • Global tempo control in top bar
  • 2 Envelope generators with controllable ADSR graph
  • 3 LFOs with 8 wave modes, Note duration sync, lfo wave amplitude, 3 run modes
  • Global modulation matrix control
  • Modulation override


  • Currently max voices is 3
  • Scrollable keyboard
  • Hold mode (enabled by tapping octave control in scroll section)


  • Library presets
  • Save your own presets


  • Record audio

  • export audio using iOS export options, e.g. Dropbox

Scythe costs $17.99 on the app store now: