From Russia, we get a free track and video that’s as dirty as it is hard to get out of your head.

If you hadn’t heard the name Tripmastaz, a listen should give you an inkling why this artist has become a big deal both at home in Russia and abroad. There’s just something about it – funky, catchy, but hard and insistent in some kind of Moscow/St. Petersburg way.

In a slightly psychotic pop turn, the latest from Tripmastaz heads out on those gray, rainy streets, courtesy a video by up and coming Moscow photographer/film director Viera Linn (Vera Linnik). Her vision seems to have a knack for finding transcendent moments in that infamously lively party scene and underground, here in demented repetitions of night vision green grain.

For Krokodeal, you get a Tel Aviv connection, via co-producer Amor Entrave aka Andrey Orenstein, a unique voice in remixing, pop, and craft.

Want more? Here’s more, from 2015:

And definitely catch the Boiler Room edition he did, where this track saw its debut:

Data Transmission has this track out. Yes, you’re welcome to use this in your set tonight and drive some dance floor wild.

Tripmastaz gives away ‘Krokodeal’

Direct download link

Tripmastaz is here at Synthposium in Moscow, and just one artist to talk about … but now I’ve got to go play, so more on all that talent when I recover!