Ampify Novation are on a mission to make creating music a mobile first experience, and I have to say that they’re doing a good job of it. In the latest update to Groovebox they’ve added in the ability to connect the app to a USB or a Bluetooth keyboard. This is going to make working with the app a lot easier for quite a few users.

Also in this update they’ve added a chromatic on screen keyboard which will be a big plus for a plenty of users, myself included. It’s a good update to an already accomplished app that is at once immediate and simple to use, but also has a depth for any user who wants to dig deeper. In addition there are a couple of other nice tweaks in version 1.4. Full-octave pattern editing makes things just a tad simple, as does multi-step pattern undo.

Ampify goes further with Groovebox and has been talking to artist and label owner Slugabed about inspiration and music making with Ampify on iOS, and it’s an interesting perspective.

Ampify Novation’s Groovebox is free on the app store (with an IAP):