SynthDrum Pads 2.0 has arrived and makes this app well worth looking at again if you’ve discounted it in the past. Version 2.0 brings a raft of new features that are in some ways hygiene factors for iOS apps these days. Having said that, the addition of all of the below makes┬áSynthDrum Pads a much more compelling app, and far easier for it to integrate into the majority of iOS music making set ups. Or at least that’s my view. You make up your own mind.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0, and a few thoughts from me on some of them:

  • 64 step sequencer (something that I feel like it needed for a long time)
  • Ableton Link support (a hygiene factor, but makes that app very usable)
  • Audiobus 3 support (a must these days)
  • Amplitude modulation for pads 1 and 2
  • EQ on each drum
  • 5 new send effects (distortion, delay, reverb, bit crush, chores/flanger)
  • 2 new master out effects (Soft clip, 4-pole low-pass filter)
  • Mixer with panning
  • 99 save slots (I probably won’t run out now)
  • New save and reload button
  • New GUI
  • Audiobus Remote support (extremely useful)
  • Background audio

SynthDrum Pads 2.0 on the app store: