Tonebridge 2.3 brings us a whole new dimension to the app with a new ability to create presets from scratch and even publish them to the app’s main Catalog so that users anywhere can access them.

  • Create your own presets
  • Choose from 29 amps, 30 pedals, 26 cabinets and 8 mics
  • Copy and modify presets from the Catalog
  • Add your own cover pictures
  • Publish your own presets to the Catalog and make them available for everyone!

Note: Personal presets are in beta test. Presets that you make are stored locally on your device only and will be lost if you delete the app.

Other things in this update:

  • Cover pics are now more visible and rich
  • Better preset animation
  • With mixed feelings decided to rename “Tone Wizard” to a more obvious “Edit”
  • Tons of minor improvements

Tonebridge is free on the app store with IAPs