Vatanator AU for iOS is coming, yep, an Audio Unit version of the popular iOS app is on it’s way. Here’s what it looks like, in a new video:

The video’s description only says “An demonstration video of upcoming Vatanator AU extension for iOS. All sounds created by Vatanator AU, hosted in GarageBand.
Made by Backpullver.”

You’ll remember Vatanator and Vatanator SX. Here’s the description for Vatanator itself:

Vatanator is a unique drum machine with advanced MIDI functionality. It features 140 built-in presets emulating every classic vintage hardware.
It is aimed for simplicity and instant rhythm creation.
Vatanator features:

  • iOS 7.1 and up compatible, iPad retina graphics
  • Record patterns in real-time with quantization, MIDI assignable
  • 16/32 steps sequencer with advanced MIDI options
  • Fast loading of presets on the fly
  • Full MIDI implementation, Bluetooth MIDI
  • Background audio
  • Audiobus, Audiobus Remote, Inter-App Audio and Ableton Link support
  • Ability to import samples via AudioShare, AudioCopy, Dropbox or iTunes Share
  • Real-time effects with envelope follower and XY pads, MIDI assignable
  • Song arranger, ability to store a sequence of patterns and play them in order
  • 8 channel mixer with volume control and mute/solo for any individual instrument

So when Vatanator comes as an AU, it’ll be pretty cool, wherever you decide to use it. For now you might want to check out Vatanator and Vatanator SX on the App Store.

Vatanator on the App Store:

Vatanator SX on the App Store: