Aleksandar Mlazev has brought us quite a number of AUv3 iOS apps, including one of that I love the name of ‘Jack the Beat Maker‘. In his latest creation he’s brought us a classic vibrato and chorus effect Audio Unit AUv3.

Here’s a quick description of the app from Aleksandar:

With the “blend” slider you can gradually make it from pure vibrato to chorus by adding the original sound into the mix. Rate goes from really slow to space 12 Hz vibration sound. There is also a build-in reverb effect that is very useful if you use the app as a stand alone effect.

Vibrato is an Audio Unit Effect AUV3 and can be used inside GarageBand or other AU host apps as an effect plug-in. When used as stand alone app, it is adding effect to the audio input so you can play your guitar, bass or synth directly through the app if you have the connector to do so.

Vibrato controls:
– Rate – that is the vibrato speed
– Depth – this is how far the pitch is changed
– blend / chorus – that is the volume of the original sound so you can make it from pure vibrato when on 0 to classic chorus
– Reverb

It could be quite a useful effect, but then again you probably need to ask yourself just how many FX audio units you can reasonably have and actually make use of. That’s one of my issues with the explosion in audio unit FX apps of late. Sure, there are some very good ones, but I find myself going back to the ones I know and trust more often than not. It’s just human nature after all.

Vibrato – Audio Unit Effect is available on the app store and costs $1.99: