Keyboard Lite: Novation ReMOTE LE + Bass Plugin

Novation’s hardware feels fantastic, and it’s finally shipping in quantity. Harmony Central reports Novation is packing some of the best things about the company’s high-end keyboards into a lighter, smaller, cheaper LE 25-key keyboard to be shown at AES here in NYC, and shipping next month. The design looks great, totally clean, with everything I […]

Jitter 1.5 + Max/MSP 4.5.5: Major New Features Analyzed (Win/Mac)

We’ve been waiting for this for some time, and it’s finally here — a huge upgrade to Jitter, the data processing, realtime 3D/2D/video graphics powerhouse. Along the way, though, is a nifty upgrade for Max die-hards with lots of cool stuff hiding behind a 4.5.5 version upgrade. I can’t wait to get my hands on […]

Apple’s New Mouse: Good for Music?

So it turns out Apple can deal with a two-button mouse — so long as those buttons aren’t invisible. Meet Apple’s Mighty Mouse, peculiarly named after a cartoon. (Note to Apple: why not Danger Mouse? He’s the quickest! He’s the best! Etc.) So why is this mouse useful to musicians? Because Apple may finally have […]

Finale Notation Software: Update for Mac Fixes Preference-destroying Bug

Last week, we saw that Finale 2006 can hose certain files stored in the Application Support folder of your library — that’s not just your Finale preferences, but even things like your Apple Address Book. I’ve just gotten a link to an online updater; run this prior to the Finale 2006 upgrade, and you’re saved. […]

Pro Digital Recorders with SMPTE Sync for Video Production

Portable digital recording is great — import is as simple as dragging files to your hard drive, they’re mobile, they’re non-linear, and they write to increasingly cheap storage formats like CompactFlash. But what about synchronization for video applications? I have found one portable field recorder that’s CompactFlash-based, records up to 192kHz, and optionally can be […]

Korg Kaptivator VJ Video Sampler Unveiled; Hands-on Impressions

Korg has formally unveiled the Korg Kaptivator, as seen here on CDM

Useful Widgets Pt. III: Konfabulator (Mac/Win) Strikes Back

So, your appetite for musically-useful widgets to run on Dashboard (OS X Tiger only) and Konfabulator (Mac/Windows) still isn’t satisfied? Fear not: Adrian Anders writes in with four more, all for Konfabulator — so Windows users aren’t left out of the fun. (All these widgets are cross-platform.) Guitar Tuner: Nice graphics and both standard and […]

Useful Widgets Pt. IV: More Mac Widgets for Musicians

The musical widget madness continues. powermac99 from iCompositions points out his Dashboard Widgets site. Like Apple’s, it’s beautifully organized and easy to navigate — too bad Konfabulator’s site is overwhelming. (Maybe that’ll change with Yahoo.) I’ve been hunting around that site finding still more widgets: CountBPM is my favorite BPM counter yet: click or keyboard […]

Korg D3200 Digital Recording Studio: Enter the Knob Matrix

Thought the hardware recording workstation went out with the 90s, along with the Spice Girls? Think again. Hot on the heels of new hardware workstations from Yamaha, Korg’s got a new workstation of its own: Korg D3200 Digital Recording Studio And I have to admit, this thing is actually pretty hot. (The D3200, not Ginger […]

Working Paper Organ and other Papercraft

Various links to papercraft construction projects: The best so far is a working paper organ, complete with bellows and punch-tape scores. (Description | Purchase Info) MusicThing has a full discussion including links to other paper kit instruments, a number of them free. And Paper Forest is a new blog devoted to construction out of paper. […]