Open Sound World: Another Free DIY Sound Environment

Okay, so it’s another free graphical audio and interactive development environment, with a patching interface (again), and synthesis, MIDI, and real-time processing features (again). But Open Sound World deserves at least a brief look: it has some programmer-friendly features, it’s easy to add features (including via C++), and runs on every platform (Mac/Windows/Linux, even SGI). […]

Moogerfooger MF-104Z “Luxury” Analog Delay

Moog Music has officially announced the return of their beloved analog delay, in the form of the new MF-104Z delay unit. This is definitely a “luxury” model, though: US$729 buys you one second of delay. It’s a classic, but it comes at a price. Nothing on the Moog site yet, but if you’re at NAMM […]

Improve Band Relations: Have a 5-way

Jordan sends us this tidbit from CDM’s major rival, The New York Post. From the ‘New York Minute” gossip section: The band that plays together stays together: Two male members of Hinder, a new act just signed by Universal, ended up in bed this week in their Vancouver hotel suite, along with “their female stylist, […]

Sonic Wire Sculptor Web App + Tools That Built It

Interactive music man Amit Pitaru is the creator of the Web sound toy Sonic Wire Sculptor: Try Sonic Wire Sculptor on your Mac/PC browser Thanks to Tim, who notes: “I saw it and got to play with it at the ICC gallery in Tokyo last year and on a video projector and touchscreen; it was […]

Apple Soundtrack Pro 1.0.1 Fixes Final Cut Integration; Your Experiences?

Nothing sounds sweeter than a software bug resolved. Apple Soundtrack Pro 1.0.1 includes major enhancements (see review info; update from Apple). You’d swear Apple knew Macworld‘s production deadlines when they updated all of the Final Cut Studio apps last week, just on the eve of reviews of those products. Since it didn’t make sense to […]

Macworld Review: Soundtrack Pro Audio Editor

My review of Apple’s new audio editor, Soundtrack Pro 1.0.1, is online now: Soundtrack Pro: All-purpose sound tool cuts drudgery out of audio editing and design” (5 mice; You may think of Soundtrack Pro as geared mainly at Final Cut Pro users (and if you are one, don’t miss Anton Linecker’s review of FCP […]

Send Best Wishes to Bob Moog

As reported here previously, Dr. Robert Moog, synthesis pioneer, musician, and instrument builder, has been ill for the past months. A brain tumor is keeping him bed-ridden. The CaringBridge guestbook that had been temporarily closed to public access is now public again: CaringBridge – Bob Moog Matt Moog is sending regular journal entries updating readers […]

Thereminist Pamelia Kurstin on MacMusic has a great interview with “rollerskating” Thereminist Pamelia Kurstin. Hear Pamelia’s insights on how she’s become a Theremin virtuoso. And if you can make it to North Carolina in August, you won’t want to miss Ether Music 2005, where she’ll be playing with other greats of Theremin music from around the world. I’m not […]

New Yorkers: Synth Extravaganza

Okay, New Yorkers — let’s get together on this one. Giant synth summits have happened on the West Coast (see CDM report with extensive links), but now DUMBO, Brooklyn can be the host to vintage synth madness: “Bring your ARP 2600s, PAIA 4700s, Moog Modulars, Buchlas, Roland System 100s, Korg MS20s, Octave Kittens, Yamaha CS20s […]

Cord Fetish: Artist Paints Cords

Tangles of cords piling up in your studio? Grab a canvas and a paintbrush: you’ve got a still life in the making. Or so thinks Eric LoPresti, whose work you can see at a show in DUMBO (NYC), in collaboration with a composer and other electronic musicians. Eric’s cord paintings will provide the backdrop to […]