When Users Take Over Plugins: Wusik Buyout?

It’s hard to get solid information, but a storm appears to be brewing on KVR Audio. The developer of Wusikstation is allegedly calling it quits — a combination of business and personal reasons, and sales lost to warez. That’s led to an unprecedented solution for some of the users: band together and try to acquire […]

Sensacell Interactive Surfaces

So, you want to build an LCD-lit video wall and interactively trigger sounds? But, what’s that? You want your surface to be modular, reliable, pre-built? Why, that’s a job for Sensacell, a modular interactive wall system that responds to proximity within 6″ with a sophisticated LCD lighting system. I saw Senacell at a recent night […]

Cubase News: Forum Users Locked Out Without Key; Tiger Update

It’s two, two, two Cubase stories in one. Here goes: Cubase.net forum will require USB key number: Don’t like entering serial numbers and the like when you’re installing software or talking to tech support? Now you may need them just to post to a forum. The revised forum policy on Cubase.net requires users to add […]

Exploding the Piano with Kathleen Supové

How many people’s resumes include both a gig with the Phillip Glass Ensemble and posing nude for Marie Claire? An evening with new music virtuoso Kathleen Supové is not what most people expect from a solo piano recital. Her show this week finds her flanked by laptops, plus three projectors running childhood slides, live digital […]

Star Wars and Sound Design

The first Star Wars movie launched a golden age of cinematic design, but not just for visuals — it was sound design’s greatest moment, too. The technology that made all this possible? None other than the humble field recording. (By the way, this is on everyone’s mind — just as I was putting this together, […]

Jaws Soundtrack: Remixed, Underwater

Artist Abinadi Meza has created a remixed composition of the “lighthearted” sounds of the movie Jaws (think drunken sailor sounds and off-key clarinet blasts), into a piece that wlll only be played underwater. To hear the output of the submerged speakers, you have to strip to your skivvies and float in the ocean. Title: Soft […]

Pro Tools TDM Arrives for Tiger; LE/M-Powered Compatibility Coming

Pro Tools TDM 6.9.2 adds compatibility for Mac OS X Tiger for those with Pro Tools|HD and HD accel systems. All Digidesign and Digidesign-distributed plug-ins will work once you’ve got the new Pro Tools; no plug-in updates are needed. Still incompatible with Tiger: Pro Tools LE 6.9, Pro Tools M-Powered 6.8, Digidesign CoreAudio Driver v6.9, […]

Sound Design and Music: Mac Sound Creation Tools

I love synthesis, but there’s something just as appealing about creating sounds from other found sounds — especially if you can make the results unrecognizable. I’ve gradually built a series of tricks using some favorite Mac tools. First, the newcomers: Soundtrack Pro: The newest addition to my arsenal is Apple’s Soundtrack Pro, which arrived here […]

CDM on Brief “Really Long Weekend” Hiatus

Hear that sound? That’s the sound of stories piling up here. Yes, folks, I’m a bit bogged down getting ready for this show at The Flea, but rest assured, will get some stories out by mid-week and will be in full gear next week. Think of it as Memorial Day weekend. Only more than three […]

NES Reborn as Musical Instrument; Classic Gaming Expo

It’s games week part II — as I get ready to perform with Game Boy musician Bubblyfish (proving to me that it’s difficult to be a musician, VJ and blogger at the same time), Brent’s back with another gaming report. This time, it sounds like the NES could get a new lease on life. Again. […]