Tap.Tools 2: Max/MSP/Jitter Construction Kit Gets Bigger

Cycling 74’sMax/MSP and Jitter offer awesome power for developing interactive multimedia, but building everything from scratch can get time-consuming fast. Part of the draw of reusable objects is the ability to incorporate time-saving pre-built tools rather than reinventing the wheel with each new project. That’s the idea behind the insanely-cool bundle of Max goodies, Electrotap’s […]

Their Studios: Branson, MO

We continue our look at studios we wish we had by going to . . . Branson, Missouri?! Yes, Branson is now home of the elegant Citywalk Studios. Here’s the good news: you can find out just about everything you need to learn about acoustic treatment from the Auralex website; Citywalk’s builders made use of […]

Their Studios: Ministry of Sound’s Dream DJ Rig

If you’re DJing, pray that you’ll wind up gigging at Ministry of Sound London. The place is loaded with Allen & Heath’s Xone DJ gear line. Aside from the rotary Xone:V6 mixer, laptop DJs can opt for the MIDI-enabled Xone:92. Evidence that some DJs need to brush up on their Audio Processing 101: MoS head […]

Pat Metheny Group Shares Score Online

If you want your fans to be able to remix, mash, and recreate your music, you could adopt new remix-friendly digital distribution formats, or even give people your work as a GarageBand file. Of course, for maximum flexibility there’s a centuries-old technology that’s even better: notation. Using Sibelius, the Pat Metheny Group has put its […]

Alesis PlayMate Guitarist: CD Tempo Changer, FX

No, not that kind of playmate. (Sorry.) The killer feature of Alesis’ new PlayMate Guitarist is (really!) a CD player: pop in a CD of music and you can change the tempo without affecting pitch. Throw in 80 guitar effects and a helping of I/O, and this definitely makes a cool gadget bag addition for […]

Inflatable Guitar

Guitars may be more portable than, say, a concert harp, but can you fit them under an airplane seat? Sure you can, if you’re lucky enough to own one of the 15 Chrysalis Guitars in the world. The instruments, developed by ex-biologist Tim White starting in the early 80s, actually inflate (as in, you blow […]

DJing with Legos

I use Lego metaphors all the time here on CDM, but why not make music with Legos? Aside from the cool Lego-created DJ shown at right, there are various DIY projects involving Legos. (Thanks for the pic, Elle!) Most impressive is the Lego-based CD changer, constructed from Mindworks kits to shuffle CDs. Sure, it’s basically […]

Podifier: Instant Podcasting (Windows)

Podifier, the free Windows podcasting app, has hit 1.0. Drag and drop MP3 files, enter an FTP site, and you can instantly create a RSS 2.0 podcast feed. It’s perfect for creating podcasts like the brilliant Fake Science Lab Report. So, have you started podcasting yet? Send us the links, and let us know which […]

Digidesign: Producer Bundles, New Synth, 10.3.9 Incompatible?

All work and no play makes Pro Tools a very dull boy. Digidesign appears to be wooing musicians who want some creative toys with new bundles and a new instrument and, while it wouldn’t sway me to Pro Tools from another system, there are some nice tools for current users. LE/M-Powered Users: Digi’s new bundles […]

Your Studios: Atariboy’s Vintage Computer Stash

Part of a series looking inside readers’ studios . . . Atariboy is the Melbourne-based graphic designer and musician behind the UI for some of our favorite software (see his EM411 page and plasq.com). Apparently he knows something we don’t, because it looks like he’s stockpiling vintage Macs and PCs in preparation for some sort […]