M-Audio, Not Apple, Ships GarageBand Hardware

This is a first: it almost looks like a company just ripped off an imaginary mock-up made by a zealous Mac user. (Just coincidence?) While Apple's been busy intimidating website writers over its non-shipping Asteroid audio interface, M-Audio's been developing its own hardware for GarageBand. And while the Asteroid was rumored to be an audio […]

M-Audio iControl: New Hardware for GarageBand, Analyzed

Make no mistake about it: M-Audio's new iControl is custom-tailored to GarageBand. From the fake-wood sides (very cute, M-Audio) to the knob and button layout, this box is perhaps the first economy control surface to be designed entirely around a single program's interface. (Meaning, regardless of the discussion MusicThing says they've been hearing, there's absolutely […]

Update on Edirol CG-8 Video Synth

Edirol reports the CG-8 video synth will be available in July and will cost (you may want to sit down) US$5295. So, yes, those of you who aren't living off an enormous trust fund or VJing in your spare time while you pull in six figures at your day job might want to go the […]

Pioneer DVJ-X1: Spins Music and Movies

While we're looking at cool interfaces and video hardware this week, we can't miss Pioneer's DVJ-X1 digital video turntable. The DVJ-X1 has been out for about a year, but in case you missed it, this amazing virtual turntable spins high-quality video and audio simultaneously. DJ Eldorado got his hands on it at the Winter Music […]

Game Controllers as Instruments: Chris O’Shea Roundup

Game controllers have some serious advantages for music: they're simple, flexible, fun, and because they're shipped in volume, often cheaper than DIY or even manufactured music products. Our friend Chris O'Shea has an ongoing roundup of game controllers as instruments: Part I Part II He wants more help: if you see some he missed, drop […]

Musikmesse: Edirol CG-8 Visual Synthesizer

This is no VJ mixer. The Edirol CG-8 is a high-res 3D motion graphic synthesizer, taking synthesis concepts from audio and applying them to video. Integrate with music: You can use audio to trigger video live, with VLINK/MIDI connections for further music integration, especially tight integration with Roland and Edirol gear. Sample motion: Grab video […]

Musikmesse: Korg Kaptivator Video Sampler Revealed

While Edirol takes the synthesis approach with its new video box (at least from a marketing standpoint), VJ gear rival Korg is going the sampler route. As reported here earlier, the Kaptivator is a video sampler with a 4×4 Akai-style drum pad grid. Now that we're not reading in Japanese, we've got some more details: […]

DIY Portable Game System

The Mignon Game Kit lets you build your own portable game boy system, with a stunning 7 x 5 pixel resolution. (No, that's not a typo, but those individual red lights look gorgeous!) The kits come with different amounts of components, price EUR 29 – 69 plus shipping (no distribution outside Europe as near as […]

State of Surround: Audio Titans Massenburg, Emerick, Scheiner

Berklee student Rian Souleles brings CDM this report on the state of surround, straight from the mouths of some of the greatest engineers alive. Recently, on a Friday afternoon, about a hundred music technology students crammed into the hot sweaty live room of Berklee College of Music's Studio A just to get a glimpse of […]

MIDIBALL: Balloon Musical Interface

Want intuitive in an interface? Can't get much more intuitive than this: now-defunct interactive world-rhythm band D'CuCKOO (1986-1998, superceded by RhythMix) built the MIDIBALL: a helium-filled balloon packed with wireless triggers so that the audience could trigger sounds and images. D'CuCKOO also built bamboo trigger sticks, marimbas and drums and even a giant interactive 3D […]