The One Module Everyone Needs: KOMA’s Cable Organizer Accessory, 25€

The beautiful thing about modular synths is making connections physically – each link with an actual cable between them. It is, really, the whole point. Of course, you need somewhere to put all those cables and keep them organized. There are various cable racks available, but they’re generally mounted to walls and such. Synthtopia this […]

Faderfox DJ44: Full, Rugged Aluminum DJ Controller for Ableton, Traktor – in a Case

If James Bond had a DJ controller, it might look like this. Faderfox, known primarily for ultra-small-form factor controllers, this time has something that looks more like a full-featured, two-deck (or four-deck), two-channel DJ controller. And that’s good news for people wanting a general-purpose, all-in-one DJ control surface with the Faderfox feel and features. The […]

- November 11, 2013

Futuristic Lava Lamp: Projection Ripples and Oozes via Industrial Aluminum, Balls and Bubbles

The lava lamp has entered a whole new age, courtesy multiple projection processes, and a special kind of industrial aluminum with the fanciful name “bubblesheet.” New work by Austrian-born, London-based Roland Lindner and Diane Karner aka ripples and oozes, transporting us to a world from some psychedelic, molten-plasma corner of the galaxy. Set to […]

Peter Kirn - December 29, 2012

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