GrandVJ Update Goodies: Quartz Composer, APC40, TripleHead2Go, PC Fullscreen

GrandVJ, ArKaos’ Mac/Windows, ground-up new software (replacing the legacy ArKaos product) may have had minimalist beginnings. But recent builds have added some really powerful features. Most importantly, there’s more elaborate two-way controller support. There’s a preset for the Akai APC40, but other hardware – like Livid’s Ohm64 and recently-announced Block, the classic monome, and the […]

Resolume 3.1: Flash Playback, Stability, Beat-Looped Videos, Keystone, More

Resolume 3.1 is here. The big news: a VJ app, an audiovisual app that supports Flash playback natively. Channels work. ActionScript 3 code (finally!) works. For Flash fans, of course, this is utterly huge – and if it means a few Flash-programmers-by-day become VJs by night, I’m all for it. (Now, if we could just […]

Peter Kirn - August 13, 2009

Adobe Goodness: Flash 9 Update for Linux, Vista; Develop Flash Free on Mac; Lightroom Update

Flash VJs, motion graphics artists, photography lovers, interactive Flash programmers, I’ve got plenty of good news for you. There’s a whirlwind of activity from Adobe Labs this week (I imagine Beaker’s head exploding), so let’s hit it all at once — the weekend could be the perfect time to grab this stuff, as Adobe Lab’s […]

Peter Kirn - October 20, 2006

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