3D’s MIDI moment: Pixar, Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, and NVIDIA rally around OpenUSD

The scene format that began its life at Pixar Animation Studios is poised to become a standard for all things 3D – scenes, but also tools, data, and workflows. And yes, that could make this into 3D’s MIDI moment. It’s not that OpenUSD is anything like MIDI – it isn’t. But it has the same […]

A Building-Sized Net as Canvas, Overlaid with Light Paintings from Mobile Phones

“Interactive architecture” has long been a phrase, a future echo – something coming – but it’s been tough to say what it would look like when it arrived. In the collaboration of Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin this month, we see one form it might take. Koblin and Echelman joined forces to celebrate the 30th […]

Peter Kirn - March 25, 2014

Inside a Beige Atom: Torann EP Sampler, Audiovisual Meditation from Dublin's Lakker Duo

Torann EP Sampler from Lakker on Vimeo. Dara Smith sends this lovely, minimal meditation on particles drifting through space. I love that the visuals aren’t more active than they are, in fact, as if entering a beige, spinning atom. Ian Mc Donnell and Dara make up Dublin-based Lakker. Tracks: Summer Rains Mustard Crying Ciar Static […]

Peter Kirn - November 15, 2012

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