Watch Flappy Bird Make Ambient Music, Billiard Balls Bounce, in Lemur Hacks

If Brian Eno were scoring the dreams of a gaming addiction, it might go something like this. Yes, we already told you previously that Lemur 5 adding a canvas object would mean anything could be a controller. It makes the iPad controller app as much a blank, well, canvas, as your Web browser window, more […]

Preview: Interactive LED Balls, from the Olympics

Our Zygote Interactive Balls at the Olympics from Alex Beim on Vimeo. I’m such a terrible blogger. Here are giant, glowing balls, and I can’t think of a cheeky, snarky, tasteless way to describe them. (Heck, I don’t even know of anything to do with those inflatable beavers at the Olympics.) Happily, the balls themselves […]

Peter Kirn - March 2, 2010

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