Numark Midi Controller Mini Review: Jog Wheel Problems on NuVJ and Total Control

After more than a year of relatively trusty service and a country-spanning tour, my BCD2000 has finally become too flaky for performances. I’ve been looking at the various DJ-style midi controller options, and was down to about 5 options when I was asked to play a set on short notice at a relatively big festival […]

Behringer Finally Fixes BCD2000 Drivers and Platform Support, Calls it the BCD3000

I’ve tried, Behringer, really I have. I’ve tried to support and defend you, to explain your quirks and help people use your promising but terribly flawed BCD2000. How do you repay me? You make some OSX drivers, fix compatibility with Traktor, give the BCD2000 a new coat of paint and then sell it as the […]

Nathanael Jeanneret - January 18, 2007

Manufacturer Flakes on Mac Support, User Delivers: Behringer BCD2000 Drivers for OSX!

The BCD2000 has been somewhat of a contradiction for me since purchase. On one hand the hardware is fantastic; robust and seriously cheap. On the other hand the included software and drivers are absolutely abhorrent, PC only affairs with broken midi implementation. I’ve always hoped that Behringer would update the BCD to have similar (extensive) […]

Jaymis Loveday - January 12, 2007

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