Bill Gates Says 3D Camera Control Coming to Windows, Credits MS Research

Microsoft’s Project Natal – whether it proves to work for console gameplay or not – clearly represents a significant technical advance. What’s remarkable is the combination of 3D camera hardware with intelligent software for 3D sensing an intuitive interfaces. (And that’s without talking about the helpings of augmented reality and even voice recognition Microsoft has […]

CDM Welcomes Bill Gates to Digital Music Creation!

If you missed Bill Gates’s keynote from CES, you didn’t miss much — aside from an uncomfortably-close-to-Terminator image recognition demo, technology Microsoft says they won’t productize. (That’s good, because otherwise a robot from the future might have killed all the presenters on the spot.) But Microsoft did stage an Oscar-style spoof video, complete with celebrities, […]

Peter Kirn - January 6, 2008

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