Could You Use a Kinect at Burning Man? Experiments Test the Idea

Kinect hackery is cool, and its principle advantage is in its ability to allow multi-user interaction in space. That is, it’s killer for installations. That would make it a natural for Burning Man-based interactive art. The only problem: fancy Kinect camera, meet desert sandstorm. Open-source Kinect hacker Matt Bell decided not to wait until getting […]

DustBook: Another DIY Solution for Burning Man Desert Performances

Mashup/files/media/music maven Moldover checks in in comments with another tip for surviving the desert of Burning Man (or, you know, your next gig in Yemen): I’ve been bringing my laptop to the playa for several years now. My solution this year was a modified briefcase. I made a mount for my MIDI controller to sit […]

Peter Kirn - September 13, 2006

Burning Man: Musical Mac Laptops in Home-Built Bio-Hazard Boxes

Laptops as bio-hazard? Dust problems in the desert? Just stick them in a miniature “clean room” environment. Chris Martinez of effect69 writes us with details: Worried about dust and dirt? PowerBook got an alien plague? This should help. Burning Man 2006: Hope & Fear the Future When we were asked to play on the playa, […]

Peter Kirn - September 6, 2006

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