A New Online Platform Gives You Expert Music Tech Training, Free

Every feel like you wish you could go back to school? Or… go to a different school? Maybe you want to learn at CalArts, or Princeton, or Stanford, or Goldsmiths. Maybe you wish Robert Henke would sit at your side and teach you about Ableton Live. Or maybe Perry Cook would teach you synthesis. Or […]

Triangles is Trippy-Good Experimental Animation – On Paper

TRIā–²NGLE (Full Version) from Grace Nayoon Rhee on Vimeo. It’s not new, but it’s worth taking an occasional break from the Digital Motion for something inspiring that was animated on paper. “Triangles” by South Korean/American artist Grace Nayoon Rhee is chillingly-beautiful, a roughly-drawn trip through surreal worlds. The smudges on the paper can be simultaneously […]

Peter Kirn - October 22, 2012

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