Free download: amps and cellos under your fingertips in the new LABS

If you don’t have a studio, four cellists, amps and recording equipment plus an engineer handy, try this — it’s free.

Zoe Keating, Cellist Who Exposed Her Musical Finances, Talks Music Making, Distribution [Interview]

She shocked the music business by revealing she wasn’t making money on Spotify – then shocked them again by revealing she was making money on our own. Now, CDM’s Matt Earp talks to cellist Zoe Keating about surviving as a creative musician, and keeping the music coming. Hint: “exposure” is not necessarily the key to […]

- December 6, 2012

Illuminated 'Cello, Transforming the Object into Projection Mapping [MadMapper]

As projection design produces motion across an object, artists can create a kind of dance with a physical thing, bringing to life imagined, unseen facets of its being. French-born artist/VJ Jacques-AndrĂ© Dupont makes that evident in a new short film demonstrating projection mapping onto a violoncello. The object itself is, of course, exquisitely beautiful; projection […]

Peter Kirn - September 26, 2012

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