Like Discord for music: Endlesss introduces Clubs

Clubs are a new social space for communities to share and collaborate on music, with private and public areas. Clubs are the creation of multiplayer music creation app maker Endlesss, and integrate with those tools – but they’re also catering to users of other desktop tools, too. Here’s what we know from today’s announcement.

Patchstorage is a friendly site packed with free visual and music patches

Patching music and visuals is fun, but it helps to learn from other people. With everything from apps (Audulus) to modulars (Softube, VCV Rack) to code and free software (Pd, SuperCollider, Bela), patchstorage is like a free social network for actually making stuff.

Global Hackdays: Experimenting with Cheap Tangible Interfaces, June 6

Trackmate :: 5 ways to get started from adam kumpf on Vimeo. Trackmate is the inspiration for this project, partly because – building on the previous success of ReacTIVision – they’ve done a good job helping make it clear how people can get started, even if they’re new to this. The mouse is not all […]

Peter Kirn - May 25, 2009

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