Practice video scoring with us, and win iZotope, Korg prizes

In today’s media saturated world, the skill of successfully setting music to picture is more important to artists than ever. With that in mind, we’re pleased to get to join a scoring competition – and take the opportunity to better learn the craft.

In Boston, a VJ Competition, and a Glimpse Inside the Live Visual Scene

Along with New York, Boston was really my introduction to what was happening in live visuals and VJing. So, I already took interest when a couple of friends sent word of a VJ competition in Boston. Then, of course, things in that city turned very strange indeed. The festival “Together,” scheduled in May, couldn’t have […]

Peter Kirn - April 17, 2013

Amon Tobin Soliciting Fan Videos

Amon Tobin and company are soliciting fan videos for inclusion in a Ninja Tune DVD box set and for streaming online. Quick description: We are collecting fan made videos of Amon’s work for an upcoming DVD release. Please submit your videos here and review the “Terms” within the forum:​groups/​106265/​forumthread:244568 Deadline for the project is […]

Peter Kirn - September 7, 2011

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